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  • Skyscraper-filled Dubai burnishes arts scene with new opera

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Already filled with towering skyscrapers, Dubai will soon offer soaring arias inside a new opera house.

    Associated Press15 mins ago
  • United Airlines 'Aggression' Seen With Kirby; Hawaiian Breaks Out

    United Airlines jumped on Tuesday after it managed to poach Scott Kirby from American Airlines. Other carriers' shares also rallied.

    Investor's Business Daily
  • Haiti fights losing battle against cholera

    Port-au-Prince (AFP) - Plastic-sheeted cots for men, women and children are crammed side by side in a former hangar. At the cholera treatment center in the Haitian city of Carrefour, the sick have no privacy. Djelile Pierre gingerly uses a syringe to feed her five-year-old daughter, who has been…

  • Smart sensor and machine learning could help diagnose voice disorders

    A smart sensor and machine learning algorithms could help the 1 in 14 working-age Americans who suffer with damaging voice disorders, claims a fascinating new research project from MIT.

    Digital Trends
  • Las Vegas, Asian investors bet on Sin City's Chinese tourism

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — Sin City and Asian investors are going all in on Chinese tourism as some of Las Vegas' latest developments on and off the Strip target Chinese nationals and Chinese-Americans.

    Associated Press
  • Why Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc Shares Are Soaring 31% Today

    An approval ahead of key trial data is sparking investor's enthusiasm.

    Motley Fool
  • Investors Are Betting Big Against Novavax, Inc. -- Are They Wrong?

    Investors have upped their bets against Novavax recently. Should you follow?

    Motley Fool
  • Hospital, hepatitis C outbreak victims reach settlement

    BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Trinity Health and its hospital in Minot have agreed in principal on a legal settlement with 21 victims of the largest hepatitis C outbreak in recent U.S. history, though Trinity's legal fight with a nursing home where most people were sickened will continue.

    Associated Press
  • Tasmanian devils are becoming immune to their horrible face cancer

    Cancer is something we humans can’t catch from one another. Some animals, though, aren’t so lucky. Tasmanian devils, along with dogs and shellfish, are all capable of spreading different types of cancer to one another. Contagious cancer has been a huge problem for devils, which live only on…

  • Sharing, caring

    According to new research beautiful images posted on Instagram may actually reveal if someone is struggling with depression. But how helpful is social media for our mental health?

    BBC News
  • Is Universal Orlando Repeating Disney World's Mistake?

    Comcast's theme park resort is mixing things up with its annual passes, something that Disney did just before its attendance started to fall apart.

    Motley Fool
  • 'I was given paracetamol after heart attack'

    Lisa Price shares her account of when she was misdiagnosed after her heart attack.

    BBC News
  • A soccer club canceled a player’s four-day old contract for testing HIV positive

    Only four days after signing a new contract with Al Ittihad, a club in Egypt’s Premier League, Cameroonian Samuel Nlend is on the look-out for a new club. His chances of finding one, however, are, all of a sudden, very slim. Nlend’s contract at the 102-year old Egyptian club was reportedly canceled…

  • Do You Need Disability Insurance?

    Here are the things to consider if you're wondering if you need disability insurance.
  • Flying business class internationally is (almost) affordable now

    The plunge in fuel prices is finally showing up at the front of the airplane. Business class airfares have dropped sharply this year. Now on some routes, you can live the good life, amenity kits and all, for less than the price of your average Manhattan studio apartment rental. The median roundtrip…

  • Third 'given wrong initial heart attack diagnosis'

    Almost a third of patients in England and Wales are being given the wrong initial diagnosis after a heart attack - with women having a far higher chance of being affected, a study suggests.

    BBC News
  • Women travellers are determined to explore India, skirts or not

    In 2015, when Michelle De Scheemaeker decided it was time to take her first solo trip abroad, India topped her list of destinations. Three years earlier, the 22-year-old Belgian, along with other students of religious studies, had visited the country, touring places such as Amritsar’s Golden Temple…