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  • German legend Muller has Alzheimer's: Bayern Munich

    Former Bayern Munich striker Gerd Muller is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, the Bundesliga club said on Tuesday. Muller was the most feared striker in world football in the 1970s, scoring a phenomenal 68 goals in 62 games for West Germany as they won the 1972 European Championships and the…

    AFP59 mins ago
  • City firm linked to E. coli outbreak

    Health watchdogs link a Dundee company to an outbreak of E. coli which affected nine people across Scotland.

    BBC News
  • Britain tops world 'Quality of Death' index

    London (AFP) - Britain topped an 80-country "quality of death" study released Tuesday, which warned that ageing and booming populations would make palliative care a growing worldwide issue.

  • The best place to die

    Britain may not be the best place to live, but it is the best place to die. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked the country first in its latest quality-of-death index, which uses 20 quantitative and qualitative indicators to measure the effectiveness of end-of-life carein 80 countries. The…

  • Third of footballers have mental health issues: study

    Depression and anxiety issues affect over a third of current professional footballers, according to a study published by world players' union FIFPro on Tuesday. The research, led by FIFPro's chief medical officer Dr Vincent Gouttebarge, found that 38 percent of the 607 current players sampled and…

  • American Football - Another death rocks high school gridiron

    Kenney Bui's death is the latest in a spate of fatalities among youth gridiron players. Bui, a senior at Technology, Engineering and Communications (TEC) high school in Seattle, was playing defensive back when he was hurt in the fourth quarter of a game on Friday. Local media reported that…

  • Childcare Costs Even More Than Rent in Most of the U.S.

    Just when you thought rent was too damn high, more evidence now shows that childcare costs are too damn higher. Among families with two children, the price of care exceeds rent in 500 of 618 areas, according to data compiled by the Washington-based Economic Policy Institute, a resource group that…

  • American Airlines pilot dies during US flight

    New York (AFP) - An American Airlines pilot became ill and died during a flight from Phoenix to Boston Monday but the co-pilot was able to safely land the plane, the US carrier said.

  • Factfile on Nobel anti-malaria drug artemisin

    A frontline drug in the fight against malaria, artemisinin has a history going back many centuries, for it traces its past to ancient Chinese medicine. Tu Youyou, who helped discover its therapeutic treasures in lab work at the height of China's Cultural Revolution, was honoured on Monday with the…

  • Recent winners of Nobel Medicine Prize

    Stockholm (AFP) - Here is a list of the winners of the Nobel Medicine Prize over the past 10 years, following the latest award on Monday:

  • Sleep paralysis: what we know about a terrifying state of consciousness

    “I awake in bed… In the corner of the room there are two men. I cannot see them but I know that they are there, and what they look like. I can hear them talking. They are talking about murder. I cannot move. One of the men comes and stands directly above me… He spits,…

  • German mayor's bid to legalise cannabis up in smoke

    A German mayor said Monday her attempt at getting cannabis sales legalised in her Berlin district had been slapped down by federal authorities. Monika Herrmann, Greens party mayor for the Berlin inner district known for its clubbing scene, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, had sought permission for four…

  • Naholo gives All Blacks more cause for concern at Rugby World Cup

    All Blacks wing Waisake Naholo, on the comeback trail from a broken leg, is again under an injury cloud and in doubt for their final Pool C match against Tonga on Friday. The try-scoring specialist is in need of game time after being sidelined for three months and the All Blacks will wait until…

  • One gender is more likely to suffer from insomnia because of genetics

    Women are known to suffer more from sleep disturbances, partly thanks to raising young children and hormonal fluctuations. But it turns out there’s also a genetic reason for exhaustion in women. A study of data on 7,500 male and female twins found that women have a higher genetic risk of developing…

  • If you hate Uber’s surge pricing, you’ll probably hate Disney’s take on it

    A variation on surge pricing—Uber’s model that raises the price of taxi rides when demand is high—could be coming to Disney’s theme parks. The Wall Street Journal reports (paywall) that the entertainment company is looking into the possibility of bringing “demand-based” pricing to its US theme…

  • Athletics - Faster drug tests coming, says Coe

    - Drug testing the world's athletes will be faster and more independent in future to ensure clean competitors are not unfairly tainted by doping rumours, IAAF president Sebastian Coe said. Coe reiterated his determination to restore credibility after the International Association of Athletics…

  • Funding plea for rare lung disease

    An incurable lung disease is claiming lives because of a lack of funding and research, according to a charity.

    BBC News
  • Scientists are working on an “exercise pill” so you never have to work out again

    Imagine if, instead of sweating on the treadmill and forcing yourself through repetitive sit-ups, you could have the benefits of exercise without any of the effort. That scenario isn’t a ridiculous fantasy but a serious scientific goal, and researchers have recently published a major breakthrough:…