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  • Superbugs could kill a million Chinese a year: economist

    China faces a million deaths a year from antibiotic-resistant superbugs and a loss of $20 trillion by 2050, an economist and former top Goldman Sachs executive said Thursday. Beijing should "take ownership" of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) when it hosts the G20 summit next year, said Jim…

  • Swiss authorities target 'live cell' injection clinics

    Swiss health regulators announced Thursday they have launched a criminal probe into clinics suspected of giving clients potentially dangerous animal cell injections as part of anti-ageing treatments. The investigation targets private clinics and people who have illegally offered the injections…

  • Ebola virus has mutated less than scientists feared: study

    The Ebola virus is not mutating as quickly as scientists had feared, which is good news for treating the disease and preventing its spread, a study showed Thursday. "The Ebola virus in the ongoing West African outbreak appears to be stable -- that is, it does not appear to be mutating more rapidly…

  • Airlines Keep Fuel Savings For Themselves

    The American consumer lobby is complaining that US airliners have failed to pass on savings to their customers that have resulted from the drop in oil prices
  • 4 Tips for Road Warriors to Save Time and Money

    With some effort up front, business travelers will find rewards that can pay big dividends in the end.

  • European nations sign world's first organ trafficking treaty

    Madrid (AFP) - Fourteen European nations signed Wednesday in Spain the first ever international treaty to fight human organ trafficking, a business that generates over one billion dollars in illegal profits worldwide every year.

  • Miami-Doha flight in emergency landing as baby born mid-air

    A Boeing 777 bound from Miami to Doha was forced to make an emergency landing in Newfoundland after a pregnant passenger gave birth mid-air to a baby boy, officials said Wednesday. The birth took place just hours after the Qatar Airways flight took off from Florida on Sunday morning and before the…

  • 5 ways millennials' dining habits are different from their parents

    Restaurant companies from Buffalo Wild Wings to...

    Business Insider
  • Smackdown: Facebook and China have the same population

    Don't look now, but today Facebook has as many users as China has people.

    Yahoo Finance
  • Cycling - Armstrong accuser celebrates victory despite life being destroyed

    - Betsy Andreu, one of the first people to attest disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong took banned substances, told AFP that despite him trying to destroy her life she felt like she had won by testifying to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Andreu, wife of former Armstrong team-mate and fellow…

  • Antibiotic use linked to diabetes

    People who need treating with repeated courses of antibiotics may be at increased risk of developing diabetes, researchers have found.

    BBC News
  • Obamacare Sign Ups Lose Momentum in State Exchanges

    During the second open enrollment period, states relying on the federal exchange seemed to experience substantial enrollment gains, while states that had strong enrollment last year seemed to have only moderate growth this year.

    The Fiscal Times
  • World's first anti-organ trafficking treaty opens

    Starting Wednesday nations will be able to sign what backers say is the first ever international treaty to take on human organ trafficking. The agreement would make it illegal to take organs from people living or dead without their free and full consent, according to the text drafted by members of…

  • Baseball - More rest required for Korean star Ryu

    - Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun-Jin was prescribed rest and rehabilitation for two weeks before a medical re-evaluation after the South Korean left-hander underwent an MRI exam. The 27-year-old southpaw was found to have no change from a 2012 MRI by Dodgers team doctor Neal ElAttrache and…

  • The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship

    Depression and despair are a sad reality for too many founders.

  • Jolie: Movie star, champion in fight against cancer

    Hollywood star Angelina Jolie once again became the world's most visible symbol in the battle against cancer, undergoing surgery last week to prevent an aggressive form of the disease that killed her mother, grandmother and aunt. Just two years after undergoing a double mastectomy to reduce her…

  • Even in nursing, no equal pay for women

    Even though nine out of 10 nurses are women, men in the profession earn higher salaries, and the pay gap has remained constant over the past quarter century. The typical salary gap has consistently been about $5,000, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association.