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  • Tennis - Serena hopes shoulder injury won't derail history bid

    - Serena Williams unveiled a new sports bra and tennis racquet in a dizzying round of commercial duties this week, but when talk turned to her injured shoulder, the American preferred to reveal as little as possible. The 34-year-old world number one, who is chasing a record seventh US Open and…

  • FDA expands Zika screening to all US blood centers

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The government told all U.S. blood banks Friday to start screening for Zika, a major expansion intended to protect the nation's blood supply from the mosquito-borne virus.

    Associated Press
  • Check into a voice-activated hotel room at Aloft

    Voice-activated hotel rooms is the latest technology tweak for the Aloft hotel group. A pilot program in a Boston hotel enables control via Siri on an iPad. Occupants can adjust lighting, change the temperature, and even run the TV with Siri.

    Digital Trends
  • Turkey unveils 3rd Istanbul bridge linking Europe with Asia

    ISTANBUL (AP) — Turkey opened one of the world's largest bridges Friday designed to allow traffic to cross the Bosphorus Strait between Europe and Asia and ease congestion in Istanbul.

    Associated Press
  • Man with no symptoms spread Zika to sex partner: officials

    US health officials Friday reported the first known case of a man who acquired Zika virus while traveling, showed no symptoms, and infected his female partner during unprotected sex. The case suggests the risk of Zika's spread may be far greater than previously understood, and may lead to more…

  • Expedia Partners with Red Lion, to Offer Rewards to Clients

    Expedia Inc. (EXPE) recently announced that it has partnered with Red Lion Hotels Corporation (RLH), to offer rewards to clients.

  • A Star Wars fan implanted a chip with Jedi powers in her hand

    Like many of us, Australian Shanti Korporaal fell in love with “Star Wars” as a kid and dreamed of one day being a Jedi. But unlike most of us, at 27 she’s made at least part of that dream a reality. According to the Washington Post, Korporaal, co-founder and director of seven small tech companies…

  • Florida man survives lightning strike, spider, snake bites

    LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) — Kyle Cook can't decide whether he's really unlucky or incredibly fortunate.

    Associated Press
  • Aloft hotels will let you control your room with Siri

    These "smart hotel" rooms will debut in Boston and in Santa Clara, California.

  • Debunking Zambia's prostate cancer myths

    The lone Zambian voice trying to trying to raise awareness about the dangers of prostate cancer.

    BBC News
  • Starting now, it will be easier than ever for Americans to get to Cuba and Mexico

    After decades of red tape, a trip to Mexico or Cuba for Americans is about to get easier. And cheaper. Cuba and the US restored diplomatic relations last year, knocking down a more than five-decade ban on most travel to the island. The US government granted approval in July for six commercial…

  • Last-Minute Flights: How to Find the Cheapest and Best Fares Available

    When it comes to finding last-minute flights, what you should know is outweighed by what you shouldn’t know: where you’re going and when you’re getting there. The more flexibility you…

  • Kuwaiti government employee arrested over IS online postings

    KUWAIT CITY (AP) — Kuwait's Interior Ministry says a government employee has been arrested for spreading Islamic State ideology and hacking social media pages of "some friendly and sister countries."

    Associated Press
  • JetBlue to launch first US commercial flights to Cuba next week

    The US airline JetBlue will make the first regular commercial flight between the United States and Cuba in more than half a century next Wednesday, the Cuban authorities said. The August 31 inaugural flight -- the first of its kind since 1961 -- is scheduled to take off from Fort Lauderdale,…

  • Concerns raised over teenage pregnancy 'magic dolls'

    Teenage pregnancy prevention programmes which use 'magic dolls' to simulate the needs of a new baby do not work, according to a study in The Lancet.

    BBC News
  • Why are these creeptastic dolls making girls want to have their own real live babies?

    Teen births in the US fell 57% between 1991 and 2013. While researchers can’t pinpoint the exact cause of that development, many believe that improved information, better access to birth control, and less sex among teens have contributed. Sex education would seem to play a role. The part of sex ed…

  • Robo-baby contraception attempt leads to increase in teen pregnancy rates

    The use of infant simulators to educate teens about contraception is having the opposite effect, with pregnancy rates up among girls who attend the programs.