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  • Europe faces massive obesity problem: study

    Nearly all Irish adults are likely to be overweight in 15 years' time, said a study Wednesday that warned of a European "obesity crisis of enormous proportions". On current trends, some 89 percent of Irish men will be overweight by 2030, and nearly half obese, said a World Health Organization…

  • Austrian magazine printed with HIV blood

    An Austrian men's magazine has printed its latest edition using blood from people who are HIV-positive in order to counter the "stigma" often attached to the virus that causes AIDS, its chief editor said Tuesday. "We wanted to make a statement against the stigma and the irrational fears (about)...…

  • Ebola end in sight as weekly infections drop to single figures

    The two African countries still battling Ebola have both recorded weekly infections in single figures for the first time since the peak of the epidemic, the United Nations said on Tuesday. Guinea and Sierra Leone each reported nine new cases in the seven days up to Sunday, in sharp contrast to six…

  • China to lift drug price controls from June 1

    The Chinese government said on Tuesday it will scrap long-standing state price controls on most medicines, effective June 1, as part of market-oriented reforms. The government will no longer impose upper limits on retail prices for drugs, government agencies including the National Development and…

  • Dengue cases soar in Brazil, as death toll climbs

    Cases of dengue have soared in Brazil where the disease has caused 229 fatalities this year, the Health Ministry said Monday, as authorities try to combat its spread using transgenic mosquitos. The number of dengue deaths has climbed 44 percent from the same period last year, and most of the…

  • Second patient dies in France's artificial heart trial

    The second person in France to receive a much-hyped new-generation artificial heart has died eight months after receiving the transplant, biomedical firm Carmat said Tuesday. The 69-year-old man, who wished to remain anonymous, was terminally ill when he received the experimental heart that was…

  • Connected devices and your privacy

    These products are convenient, but they all collect a lot of personal data. Should you be worried?

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  • S.African man dies naturally on same day as winning right to die

    A terminally-ill South African man died of natural causes Thursday on the same day that a court granted him the right to end his life, a ruling that could pave the way for assisted suicide legislation. Retired advocate Robin Stransham-Ford, 65, was reported to be heavily sedated and a statement…

  • Stone, Portman and Coen brothers to host Cannes AIDS gala

    Paris (AFP) - Sharon Stone, Natalie Portman and Cannes jury presidents the Coen brothers will host a star-studded AIDS fundraising gala on the sidelines of next month's glamorous French film festival, organisers said Wednesday.

  • World failing in fight against antibiotic resistance: WHO

    The world is doing far too little to combat the misuse of antibiotics which is fuelling drug resistance and allowing long-treatable diseases to become killers, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. In its first ever analysis of how countries are responding to the problem of antimicrobial…

  • The richest people in every state

    A fresh look at the state of American wealth.

  • China chokes as tobacco profits a tough habit to quit

    In the tobacco-producing heartland of China -- the world's largest cigarette market -- smoking is commonplace at work, in taxis and even in hospitals. Many tobacco companies are set up here in Yunnan," said Zhang Jie, as he lit up on the doorstep of his office in Baoshan. "It's good for the…

  • Homosexual blood donor ban may be justified: EU court

    The EU's top court ruled Wednesday that governments can ban homosexual blood donors to combat HIV but only on condition they show it is still the best way to limit health risks. "It must be established whether those persons are at a high risk of acquiring severe infectious diseases, such as HIV,…

  • Two states where pot is getting cheaper

    Prices for legal marijuana are falling in Washington and Colorado, the two U.S. states where retail marijuana sales have already begun.

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  • WHO draws up plan to eradicate Ebola

    The World Health Organization on Tuesday unveiled a plan to eradicate the deadly Ebola virus, aiming to identify and isolate the dwindling number of new cases by the end of May. In its new plan, the UN health agency stressed the importance of maintaining the massive efforts to rid the…

  • Ultimate frequent-flyer guide

    Consumer Reports reveals what the airlines won’t tell you so you can get the flight you want.

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  • America's kids are finally moving out

    Young people might finally start forming...

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