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  • Can You Take a Tax Break for Going Gluten-Free?

    You may be able to write off the costs of your special diet if you have celiac disease.

  • Judo - Olympic champ Riner set for shoulder surgery

    - France's Olympic judo champion Teddy Riner could have to undergo surgery on a painful shoulder injury next week, his coach told AFP. Franck Chambily said Riner had a small piece of cartilage that was pushing on a tendon at the top of his left shoulder and causing the athlete pain. "It's better…

  • Even pro wrestling is not immune from sport’s concussion crisis

    A beloved pro wrestler, Daniel Bryan, retired yesterday (Feb. 8) on World Wrestling Entertainment’s flagship show after being out injured since May. He said back then that he’d had a MRI scan that didn’t look good. Now, he’s revealed just how bad things are for him. “A week and a half ago, I took a…

  • Experts: There really is no safe way to get a tan

    You might want to think twice about getting a tan. A health watchdog has warned there’s “no safe or healthy way” to get a tan from the sun. The UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) gives a number of recommendations to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of sunlight…

  • Mental health beds search 'a scandal'

    The practice of sending mentally ill adults in England long distances for care is unacceptable and must end, an independent report says.

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  • Harassed and tortured, why force an Indian woman to have a girl child?

    With the Zika virus wreaking havoc across Latin America and the Caribbean, the restrictive abortion laws of countries in the region have come into sharp focus as the virus affects pregnant women and results in their children being born with severe birth defects. Chile, The Dominican Republic, El…

  • USOC 'will not prevent athletes from competing' over Zika

    The United States Olympic Committee has refuted an "inaccurate" report that it had advised American athletes to reconsider competing in the Rio Games because of Zika virus fears. "The reports that the USOC has advised US athletes to reconsider competing in Rio due to the Zika virus are 100 percent…

  • Why do these Nike sunglasses cost $395?

    Nike's new Vaporwing sunglasses for runners may not have any electronics, but according to Nike Vision a lot of technology went into building them.

  • Neit debuts world's first collapsible, hard case suitcase

    Tired of stuffing your suitcases into the little space you have available in your apartment? Premium quality luggage brand Néit developed a line of suitcases that can be collapsed, making them convenient to store away when they’re not in use. The suitcase is equipped with a unique collapsing method…

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  • Why Southwest Airlines Fell Despite Strong January Traffic

    Traffic climbed 11.1% at Southwest Airlines (LUV) in January.

  • Test links norovirus to Buffalo Wild Wings

    There's now one confirmed case of norovirus associated with a probe of restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings, Kansas health officials said Friday.

  • Chipotle Shells Out $10M to Local Farmers to Meet Safety Goals

    From tomatoes to sick employees, inside Chipotle’s nationwide store shut down

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  • Twin births almost double in rich countries: study

    Twin births have almost doubled in developed countries in four decades, said researchers Monday who cautioned about the associated health risks. In a study published in the US journal Population and Development Review, scientists said the rate of twin births nearly doubled in the United States…

  • Presidential Contenders Tap into New Hampshire's Heroin Epidemic

    It’s no secret that New Hampshire has been battling a heroin epidemic. In 2015, there were at least 400 overdose deaths according to the Medical Examiner’s Office.

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  • Bananas may help detect, cure skin cancer: study

    The black spots on old banana peels may unlock a faster, easier diagnosis of human skin cancer, boosting survival chances, scientists said Monday. When bananas ripen, their skin is covered in small, round black spots caused by an enzyme known as tyrosinase. The same enzyme is present in human…

  • Top dog: scientists measure canine IQ

    Researchers from the London School of Economics (LSE) and University of Edinburgh said they used a "purpose-built barn" to measure navigation ability, speed and skills in following a pointed arm. Dogs also develop dementia in similar ways to their human masters, the researchers said in a research…

  • Russia minister denies cycling problems despite doping cases

    Russia's sports minister on Monday denied there were "problems of any kind" in Russian cycling despite several doping cases in recent days. "I fully trust the athletes and trainers," sports minister Vitaly Mutko told state news agency TASS, referring to the national cycling team. Russia's…