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  • Global cruise lines set sail for China

    HONG KONG (AP) — Royal Caribbean's newest ship has attractions not usually seen on cruise liners, including bumper cars, a skydiving simulator and a glass observation capsule on a mechanical arm that lifts its passengers high into the air.

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  • Endurance Will Pay For Your Car Repairs

    Save Thousands With Endurance Car Warranties. Parts and Labor Are Covered. A+ BBB Rating and Award-Winning Customer Service.

  • Cruising's new frontier: Chinese tourists

    The cruise industry is seeking a bigger slice of the growing Chinese tourist pie, with Beijing putting its heft behind expansion efforts.

  • America’s 10 Best New Restaurants

    Washington, D.C. isn’t just our nation’s capital – it’s now home to the country’s best new restaurant, according to a new list out this week from Bon Appétit magazine. D.C.’s Rose’s Luxury took the number-one ...

    The Fiscal Times
  • Charities Seek Their Own Ice Bucket

    The Success of the ALS Challenge Has Other Nonprofits Hoping to Capture the Viral Wave

    The Wall Street Journal
  • Egypt picks consortium to draft Suez plan

    CAIRO (AP) — Egypt selected a consortium of Egyptian and the Persian Gulf companies Tuesday to develop the government's mega project to transform the Suez Canal waterway into a hub of international investment and free trade zones, officials said.

    Associated Press
  • High beef prices force the return of ‘pink slime’

    Two years after consumers shunned “pink slime” – the term given to slaughterhouse scraps that are used as ground beef fillers – the dubious meat product is back in vogue.

    Yahoo Finance
  • How Crabby Bosses Ruin Company Culture

    A leader's personality can have a huge impact on company culture. Make sure your leadership style isn't contributing to a negative work environment.

  • Check Out the Official Froot Loops Site!

    Remember the Sweet Aroma and Delicious Taste of Froot Loops? Bring Back the Awesome with a Bowl of Froot Loops Today!

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  • 4 at slaughterhouse behind beef recall indicted

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A Northern California slaughterhouse involved in a massive beef recall processed cows with cancer while U.S. livestock inspectors took lunch breaks and later distributed the diseased cattle, according to federal charges announced Monday.

    Associated Press
  • Slaughterhouse owners indicted on charges of selling tainted beef

    The co-owners of a Petaluma, Calif., slaughterhouse behind a massive beef recall were indicted by a federal grand jury along with two of their employees on charges of knowingly distributing cattle with ...

    Los Angeles Times
  • A few (impolite) questions about the ice bucket challenge

    Americans are probably not unique in the world in treating philanthropy as a sort of game, with the goal of making it go down painlessly.

    Los Angeles Times
  • UN urges exit screening for Ebola at some airports

    GENEVA (AP) — Ebola-affected countries should immediately begin exit screening all passengers leaving international airports, sea ports and major ground crossings, the U.N. health agency said on Monday.

    Associated Press
  • Misfit Shine teams with Lose It! calorie-counting to keep your diet on course

    Just last month, another sleep-tracking option came to Misfit's Shine activity-logging app, and now, users can couple caloric burn with the intake. Thanks to a cooperative effort with Lose It! -- a nutrition ...

  • Airlines Urged to Keep Flying in West Africa Amid Ebola Outbreak

    Health officials say it's almost impossible to contract the virus on an airplane. Passengers may prefer not to risk it

  • Online MS in Civil Engineering

    Earn an online Master's in Civil Engineering from Ohio University. Top-ranked graduate engineering program by US News and World. Learn more today!

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  • Violinist fiddles with a smart bow to help his brain surgery

    It's common for brain surgery patients to stay awake. That's how surgeons know everything is going smoothly, after all. When concert violinist Roger Frisch started suffering from tremors that are only ...

  • Why your chair might be killing you

    New reaserch shows how the dangers of a sedementary lifestyle, and why it is that your chair could be killing you.

  • How to Solve Big Problems: Start Small

    Lessons learned from cancer scientists about how to solve large, complex issues.

  • Insurers Say Obama's 'Fix' Is Driving Up Premiums

    President Obama buckled under political pressure last fall and exempted a wave of plans that would have otherwise been cancelled under the Affordable Care Act. While the new rule to grandfather in these non-compliant plans may have been beneficial for some people who didn’t have to find new…

    The Fiscal Times
  • Nudge Is A Dashboard For All Your Fitness Wearables And Apps

    Despite not being a particularly fitness-obsessed person, I’ve fallen for the fitness tracking trend. My main fitness tracker is a Jawbone UP24, but I also keep Moves iOS app turned on and occasionally use RunKeeper.The hassle of keeping on top of all my fitness scores is why I was interested in…

  • How would you change Lenovo's Yoga 11?

    Back in the old days, Yoga was all about sitting quietly wearing earth tones, so when Lenovo announced a range of transforming laptops, we were delighted. While the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 was a revelation, ...

  • Master's in Coaching

    Online Coaching Education Masters from Ohio University. Accredited and Top Ranked!

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  • Halal tourism takes off in Japan

    The experience of having to miss out on Japanese cuisine is shared by many Muslim tourists in Japan, but things have changed as the land of the rising sun steps up to the demands of a group of visitors ...