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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    FIEDThe First National Bank of Fredericksburg501.00StockPNK
    FREBLXThe First Trust Combined Series1,179.48Mutual FundNAS
    FRETCXThe First Trust Combined Series1,140.44Mutual FundNAS
    FRESIXThe First Trust Combined Series1,072.68Mutual FundNAS
    FREMSXThe First Trust Combined Series1,188.40Mutual FundNAS
    FDVAThe Freedom Bank of Virginia9.30StockRegional - Mid-Atlantic BanksPNK
    TFMThe Fresh Market, Inc.28.51StockNMS
    TREIT.BKTicon Freehold & Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust10.20StockSET
    GB00B94RFB51.LTIME Freehold Inc Authorised Feeder INet553.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00B94RFF99.LTIME Freehold Inc Authorised Feeder JNet200.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00B94RFG07.LTIME Freehold Inc Authorised Feeder KAcc548.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00B94RFN73.LTIME Freehold Inc Authorised Feeder LInc198.00Mutual FundLSE
    K55107B30437.KSTongYang Free Bill IPO PF Bond Bal S11,017.37Mutual FundKSC
    K55107B82305.KSTongYang Free Stock PF Equity 1578.88Mutual FundKSC
    KR5107334694.KSTongYang Free Style Equity 1705.32Mutual FundKSC
    K55107B27235.KSTongYang Freebill High Yield PF Bd Bal 11,002.96Mutual FundKSC
    K55107B28274.KSTongYang Freebill High Yield PF Bd Bal 2998.06Mutual FundKSC
    K55107B22426.KSTongYang FreeBill IPO PF Bond Balanced 11,020.78Mutual FundKSC
    K55107B22574.KSTongYang FreeBill IPO PF Bond Balanced 21,008.81Mutual FundKSC