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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    100261.BOKotak Banking and PSU Debt Reg Mn Div10.75Mutual FundBSE
    100263.BOKotak Banking and PSU Debt Reg Ann Div16.83Mutual FundBSE
    101498.BOPrincipal Debt Savings Gr30.33Mutual FundBSE
    101499.BOPrincipal Debt Savings Mn Div11.44Mutual FundBSE
    101500.BOPrincipal Debt Savings Qt Div12.02Mutual FundBSE
    101560.BOSundaram Sel Debt S/T Asset Qt Div11.85Mutual FundBSE
    101561.BOSundaram Sel Debt S/T Asset HY Div12.14Mutual FundBSE
    101563.BOSundaram Sel Debt S/T Asset Gr27.82Mutual FundBSE
    101564.BOSundaram Sel Debt S/T Asset Wk Div13.98Mutual FundBSE
    101565.BOSundaram Sel Debt S/T Asset Fr Div12.99Mutual FundBSE
    101566.BOSundaram Sel Debt S/T Asset Mn Div12.60Mutual FundBSE
    102169.BOPrincipal Debt Savings Retl Mn Div10.24Mutual FundBSE
    102170.BOPrincipal Debt Savings Retl Qt Div12.48Mutual FundBSE
    102171.BOPrincipal Debt Savings Retl Gr28.57Mutual FundBSE
    102729.BOPrincipal Debt Opp Corp Bond Gr2,478.22Mutual FundBSE
    102732.BOPrincipal Debt Opp Corp Bond Mn Div1,236.54Mutual FundBSE
    102867.BOKotak Flexi Debt Qt Div10.73Mutual FundBSE
    102868.BOKotak Flexi Debt Gr25.13Mutual FundBSE
    103464.BOEscorts ST Debt Gr24.76Mutual FundBSE
    103465.BOEscorts ST Debt Div14.91Mutual FundBSE