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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    1001327.MCBBVA SOLIDARIDAD888.14Mutual FundMCE
    10104737.MCBBVA SOLIDEZ XVII12.29Mutual FundMCE
    10227922.SWBBVA D GL EQ AC152.67Mutual FundEBS
    10384834.MCBBVA BONOS PATR VI12.10Mutual FundMCE
    10518822.MCNaNMutual Fund
    10665433.MCNaNMutual Fund
    10805453.MCBBVA SEL EMP PL BP10.74Mutual FundMCE
    1085487.MCBBVA GEST MODERADA5.57Mutual FundMCE
    10945386.MCBBVA BONOS PLAZ III11.23Mutual FundMCE
    11031938.MCBBVA BONO CO DUR C 10.79Mutual FundMCE
    11055576.SWBBVA MUL-A M EU AC113.67Mutual FundEBS
    11056135.MCBBVA MULTI MODERADO10.98Mutual FundMCE
    11075393.MCBBVA SELEC ENERGIA10.12Mutual FundMCE
    11101331.MCBBVA BONOS PATR XII11.43Mutual FundMCE
    11126786.MCBBVA FON-PL201511.41Mutual FundMCE
    11127136.MCBBVA OPORTUNID 5X310.89Mutual FundMCE
    11230437.MCBBVA BOLPLDIVEU11.59Mutual FundMCE
    11302210.MCNaNMutual Fund
    11304633.MCBBVA BONOS PLAZO VI11.10Mutual FundMCE
    11522302.MCNaNMutual Fund