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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    0138-OL.HKCCT FORTIS0.84StockHKG
    0261-OL.HKCCT LAND0.02StockHKG
    0625-OL.HKRREEF CCT REIT4.35StockHKG
    10034731.SWRAM TACT QU BD CC131.20Mutual FundEBS
    10059626.SWCCR VALEUR I 3D14,548.29Mutual FundEBS
    10113665.SWCCR FLEX CT -R- 3D5,960.17Mutual FundEBS
    10121792.SWCAPWFU GOV BD CC161.95Mutual FundEBS
    10187497.SWABS IN CCY S/GBP1.40Mutual FundEBS
    10199032.SWBCV DY CBDE CHF CC116.64Mutual FundEBS
    10211297.SWCCR FLEX CT -I- 3D1,143.38Mutual FundEBS
    102266.BOUTI CCP Advantage Div27.66Mutual FundBSE
    102267.BOUTI CCP Advantage Gr27.66Mutual FundBSE
    10283039.SWGAM ST FIN ALP CC108.51Mutual FundEBS
    10283040.SWGAM ST EM ALP CC125.48Mutual FundEBS
    1034554.SWSISF UK EQ CC5.28Mutual FundEBS
    1034563.SWSISF EU EQ YLD CC21.04Mutual FundEBS
    1034568.SWSISF JAP EQ CC937.88Mutual FundEBS
    1034585.SWSISF JAP SM CC93.92Mutual FundEBS
    1034599.SWSISF EUR GV BD CC12.22Mutual FundEBS