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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    F0CAN06YKZ.TOEpoch Global Shareholder Yield - A10.15Mutual FundTOR
    EPOCHEUROPEA.TOEpoch European Equity Adv10.07Mutual FundTOR
    EPOCHRENDEME.TOEpoch Global Shareholder Yield - Prem11.33Mutual FundTOR
    MATIXMainStay Epoch US All Cap I29.37Mutual FundNAS
    MAWBXMainStay Epoch US All Cap B24.11Mutual FundNAS
    F00000QHKT.TOEpoch International Equity - A10.65Mutual FundTOR
    EPLCXMainStay Epoch US Equity Yield I14.68Mutual FundNAS
    16301.AXGrant Samuel Epoch Gbl Eq Shldr Yld Uhgd1.37Mutual FundASX
    TDDECROISSAN.TOEpoch Global Equity - Prem11.86Mutual FundTOR
    IE00B9GBLG23.IREpoch Global Equity Shld Yld A $ Acc11.66Mutual FundISE
    TDGLOBALGROW.TOEpoch Global Equity - Prem11.86Mutual FundTOR
    EPAIXMainStay Epoch Global Choice Inv19.01Mutual FundNAS
    18594.AXGrant Samuel Epoch Global Choice1.24Mutual FundASX
    TDDERENDAMPO.TOEpoch US Shareholder Yield - I11.87Mutual FundTOR
    EPIKXMainStay Epoch International Sm Cp C19.40Mutual FundNAS
    F0CAN05OT6.TOEpoch US Large-Cap Value - I16.44Mutual FundTOR
    TDCATVALEURG.TOEpoch US Large-Cap Value Class - I20.11Mutual FundTOR
    EPLIXMainStay Epoch US Equity Yield Investor14.51Mutual FundNAS
    MAWNXMainStay Epoch US All Cap Inv26.69Mutual FundNAS