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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    GWLIXAberdeen Global Equity Inst13.45Mutual FundNAS
    GWLRXAberdeen Global Equity R12.96Mutual FundNAS
    GWPAXAmerican Funds Growth Portfolio A15.07Mutual FundNAS
    GWPBXAmerican Funds Growth Portfolio B14.98Mutual FundNAS
    GWPCXAmerican Funds Growth Portfolio C14.93Mutual FundNAS
    GWPFXAmerican Funds Growth Portfolio F115.06Mutual FundNAS
    GWPEXAmerican Funds Growth Portfolio F215.10Mutual FundNAS
    MFDCXAMG GW&K Enhanced Core Bond C10.29Mutual FundNAS
    MFDYXAMG GW&K Enhanced Core Bond Instl10.34Mutual FundNAS
    MFDAXAMG GW&K Enhanced Core Bond Investor10.31Mutual FundNAS
    MFDSXAMG GW&K Enhanced Core Bond Service10.35Mutual FundNAS
    GWMIXAMG GW&K Municipal Bond Institutional11.88Mutual FundNAS
    GWMTXAMG GW&K Municipal Bond Investor11.81Mutual FundNAS
    GWMSXAMG GW&K Municipal Bond Service11.84Mutual FundNAS
    GWMEXAMG GW&K Municipal Enhanced Yield Instl10.36Mutual FundNAS
    GWMNXAMG GW&K Municipal Enhanced Yield Inv10.37Mutual FundNAS
    GWMRXAMG GW&K Municipal Enhanced Yield Svc10.38Mutual FundNAS
    GWEIXAMG GW&K Small Cap Core Institutional23.19Mutual FundNAS
    GWETXAMG GW&K Small Cap Core Investor22.97Mutual FundNAS
    GWESXAMG GW&K Small Cap Core Service23.11Mutual FundNAS