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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    HSD.MUAVIAT NETWORKS0.87StockCommunication EquipmentMUN
    HSD.FAVIAT NETWORKS1.12StockCommunication EquipmentFRA
    F000003RRR.IRAviva HSBC Global Gr Fd of Fds Int1,714.00Mutual FundISE
    F000003RRS.IRAviva HSBC Global Gr Fd of Fds Int S31,609.00Mutual FundISE
    F000003RRU.IRAviva HSBC Global Gr Fd of Fds Int S41,786.00Mutual FundISE
    F000003RRW.IRAviva HSBC Growth Fd of Fds Int1,601.00Mutual FundISE
    F000003RRY.IRAviva HSBC Growth Fd of Fds Int S31,534.00Mutual FundISE
    F000003TM2.IRAviva HSBC Growth Fd of Fds Int S41,643.00Mutual FundISE
    F000003RS0.IRAviva HSBC Income Fd of Fds Int1,590.00Mutual FundISE
    F000003RS9.IRAviva HSBC Income Fd of Fds Int S31,509.00Mutual FundISE
    F000003TM4.IRAviva HSBC Income Fd of Fds Int S41,661.00Mutual FundISE
    HSZ8.AXBase Load Electricity Strip Sou52.75FutureASX
    HSM8.AXBase Load Electricity Strip Sou51.95FutureASX
    HSZ5.AXBase Load Electricity Strip Sou43.43FutureASX
    HST7.AXBase Load Electricity Strip Sou51.72FutureASX
    HSI6.AXBase Load Electricity Strip Sou46.57FutureASX
    HSZ6.AXBase Load Electricity Strip Sou48.43FutureASX
    HST5.AXBase Load Electricity Strip Sou43.43FutureASX
    HSZ4.AXBase Load Electricity Strip Sou56.50FutureASX