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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    F00000OJ0O.TOManulife GIF Sel Bond IncP10.94Mutual FundTOR
    F00000OJ0P.TOManulife GIF Sel Bond IncP F11.12Mutual FundTOR
    F00000OJ0R.TOManulife GIF Sel Cdn Balanced IncP13.81Mutual FundTOR
    F00000OJ0T.TOManulife GIF Sel CI Cambridge Bdl IncP F13.73Mutual FundTOR
    F00000OJ0W.TOManulife GIF Sel CI Cambridge Bdle IncP13.21Mutual FundTOR
    F00000OJ1E.TOManulife GIF Sel E Bond IncP11.09Mutual FundTOR
    F00000ON3D.TOManulife GIF Sel E Diversifi Inc Pt IncP12.83Mutual FundTOR
    F00000ON3E.TOManulife GIF Sel E Fidelity Cdn AA IncP12.59Mutual FundTOR
    F00000ON3F.TOManulife GIF Sel E Dynamic Bundle IncP12.47Mutual FundTOR
    F00000ON3H.TOManulife GIF Sel E AGF Bundle IncP12.89Mutual FundTOR
    F00000ON3I.TOManulife GIF Sel E Bal Index Bundle IncP12.79Mutual FundTOR
    F00000ON3J.TOManulife GIF Sel E Cdn Balanced IncP14.20Mutual FundTOR
    F00000ON3K.TOManulife GIF Sel E Cdn Bond Index IncP11.05Mutual FundTOR
    F00000ON3N.TOManulife GIF Sel E Invesco Cdn Bal IncP13.41Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PG7A.TOManulife Bal Inc Port GIF Sel IncPv2.212.04Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PG7B.TOManulife Bal Inc Port GIF Sel E IncPv2.212.28Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PG7C.TOManulife Bal Inc Port GIF Sel IncPv2.2ET12.39Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PG7D.TOManulife Focus Bundle GIF Sel IncP v2.212.55Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PG7E.TOManulife Focus Bundle GIF Sel IncP 2.2ET12.92Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PG7F.TOManulife Focus Bundle GIF Sel E IncP 2.212.69Mutual FundTOR