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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    MEEU1404.NYMMEE Future SEP 04 2014837.24FutureNYM
    MEEU1405.NYMMEE Future SEP 05 2014835.13FutureNYM
    MEEU1408.NYMMEE Future SEP 08 2014833.76FutureNYM
    MEEU1409.NYMMEE Future SEP 09 2014832.88FutureNYM
    MEEU1410.NYMMEE Future SEP 10 2014832.28FutureNYM
    MEEU1411.NYMMEE Future SEP 11 2014878.25FutureNYM
    MEEU1412.NYMMEE Future SEP 12 2014 Trading 878.25FutureNYM
    MEEU1415.NYMMEE Future SEP 15 2014831.50FutureNYM
    MEEU1416.NYMMEE Future SEP 16 2014830.52FutureNYM
    MEEU1417.NYMMEE Future SEP 17 2014878.25FutureNYM
    MEEU1418.NYMMEE Future SEP 18 2014826.86FutureNYM
    MEEU1419.NYMMEE Future SEP 19 2014878.25FutureNYM
    MEEU1422.NYMMEE Future SEP 22 2014878.25FutureNYM
    MEEU1423.NYMMEE Future SEP 23 2014878.25FutureNYM
    MEEU1424.NYMMEE Future SEP 24 2014878.25FutureNYM
    MEEU1425.NYMMEE Future SEP 25 2014878.25FutureNYM
    MEEU1426.NYMMEE Future SEP 26 2014878.25FutureNYM
    MEEU1429.NYMMEE Future SEP 29 2014878.25FutureNYM
    MEEU1430.NYMMEE Future SEP 30 2014878.25FutureNYM
    FLAGXMeeder Aggressive Growth10.21Mutual FundNAS