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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    10229541.SWRAIFF PENINV FY I135.45Mutual FundEBS
    10229545.SWRAIFF PENINV FB I118.86Mutual FundEBS
    10403869.IRLAZARD RATHM A5/1180.68Mutual FundISE
    10403886.IRLAZARD RATHM A7/1199.77Mutual FundISE
    10601359.IRLAZARD RATHM A9/1121.30Mutual FundISE
    10681293.IRGAM GLB RAT USD-ORD11.82Mutual FundISE
    10681310.IRGAM GLB RAT USD AC11.82Mutual FundISE
    10681374.IRGAM GLB RAT GBP-ORD1.18Mutual FundISE
    10681374.SWGAM GLB RAT GBP-ORD1.18Mutual FundEBS
    10681382.IRGAM GLB RATE GBP AC1.18Mutual FundISE
    10681382.SWGAM GLB RATE GBP AC1.18Mutual FundEBS
    10681385.IRLAZAR RAT E-5/1/EUR118.85Mutual FundISE
    10681388.IRGAM GLB RAT EUR-ORD11.71Mutual FundISE
    10681388.SWGAM GLB RAT EUR-ORD11.71Mutual FundEBS
    10681390.IRGAM GLB RAT EUR AC11.71Mutual FundISE
    10681390.SWGAM GLB RAT EUR AC11.71Mutual FundEBS
    10681399.SWGAM GLB RAT CHF-ORD10.90Mutual FundEBS
    10681403.IRGAM G RA CHF-ORD-AC10.90Mutual FundISE
    10681403.SWGAM G RA CHF-ORD-AC10.90Mutual FundEBS
    10762191.IRNOM INT RA EUR-I-AC97.61Mutual FundISE