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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    ^SGICBRBThe Brent Crude Oil Benchmark I5,824.86IndexSNP
    ^SGICCLMTSGI Commodities Curve Momentum 100.60IndexSNP
    ^SGICG10LGold x10 Leveraged Index180.76IndexSNP
    ^SGICG10SGold x10 Short Index1,799.23IndexSNP
    ^SGICGDBThe Gold Benchmark Index7,336.88IndexSNP
    ^SGICOLTRSGI Commodities Optimix Total R78.06IndexSNP
    ^SGICSI5LSilver x5 Leveraged Index334.35IndexSNP
    ^SGICSI5SSilver x5 Short Index8,200.23IndexSNP
    ^SGICSIBSilver Benchmark Index6,764.86IndexSNP
    KR5207A58368.KSKyoboAXA PF Tomorrow Note SGIC11,007.58Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207A58376.KSKyoboAXA PF Tomorrow Note SGIC21,007.58Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207A60471.KSKyoboAXA PF Tomorrow Note SGIC31,006.48Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207A77129.KSKyoboAXA PF Tomorrow Note SGIC41,000.34Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207A85031.KSKyoboAXA PF Tomorrow Note SGIC51,018.41Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207A85478.KSKyoboAXA PF Tomorrow Note SGIC61,018.20Mutual FundKSC