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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    F0CAN05MTK.TOSunWise CI Canadian Special Bond 75%18.63Mutual FundTOR
    SWESSQUILCRO.TOSunWise Essntl FT Quotntl Bal Gr Inc13.08Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05LX4.TOSunWise CI Canadian Balanced Port 100%20.06Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05NZW.TOSunWise CI Money Market Full11.48Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064JV.TOSunWise Elite CI Money Market Combined10.84Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05OBJ.TOSunWise CI Camb Cor Cdn EC Basic24.58Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PJDR.TOSunWise Essntl 2 SL BlkRk Cdn Eq Bdl Est12.06Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PJDU.TOSunWise Essntl 2 SL Mgd Bal Port Invmt13.27Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PJBT.TOSunWise Essntl 2 CI Sig Gl Inc&Gr PIMInv15.20Mutual FundTOR
    F000003XXD.TOSunWise 2001 CI Harbour Gro & Inc 75/7519.85Mutual FundTOR
    F000003XTF.TOSunWise 2001 CI Signature In & Gr 75/10018.67Mutual FundTOR
    F00000JVZJ.TOSunWise Essntl Port Sel 60i40eMgt Inc13.33Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PJ9X.TOSunWise Essntl 2 Cl Cam Gl Eq Bdl Inc14.27Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05O44.TOSunWise Canadian Premier Bond Basic16.52Mutual FundTOR
    SWESSFIDRPAR.TOSunWise Essntl Fdty Can Asset Allc Seg12.21Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05NLV.TOSunWise CI Sig Sel Cdn Bal Basic18.04Mutual FundTOR
    F000003XV9.TOSunWise 2001 CI American Value 100/10015.58Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064JP.TOSunWise Elite CI Intl Balanced Basic14.15Mutual FundTOR
    SWESSCROISRE.TOSunWise Essntl CI Harbour Fgn Gr&Inc Inc15.68Mutual FundTOR
    F00000253X.TOSunWise Elite Mac Cundill Value 75/10010.70Mutual FundTOR