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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    F00000PJ9M.TOSunWise Essntl 2 Cl Cam Cdn EqBdl Inv13.88Mutual FundTOR
    SWESSCANADIE.TOSunWise Essntl CI Synergy Can Seg12.89Mutual FundTOR
    SWESSFIDITYF.TOSunWise Essntl Fdty TrueNorth Seg13.32Mutual FundTOR
    SWESSVALEURM.TOSunWise Essntl CI Glb Val Seg14.42Mutual FundTOR
    F000003XTK.TOSunWise 2001 Fidelity NorthStar 75/10015.79Mutual FundTOR
    SUNWISECITIT.TOSunWise CI American Growth Full6.60Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064JO.TOSunWise Elite CI Harbour Gr & Inc Full12.86Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PJB5.TOSunWise Essntl 2 Cl Sig Cdn Balanced Est12.33Mutual FundTOR
    SUNWISECIDEV.TOSunWise 2001 CI Intl Value 75/7512.01Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PJ8Z.TOSunWise Essntl 2 CIBlkCrk Glbl Bal Inc14.13Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05NHO.TOSunWise CI Signature High Income Basic29.45Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064JR.TOSunWise Elite CI Intl Balanced Combined13.07Mutual FundTOR
    SUNWISECIACT.TOSunWise 2001 CI World Equity 100/10010.96Mutual FundTOR
    F00000NAK6.TOSunWise Elite Camb Gl EqCor Bndl100/10014.94Mutual FundTOR
    SWESS2JUMFID.TOSunWise Essntl 2 Fid NorthStar Bdle Inv14.79Mutual FundTOR
    F000002568.TOSunWise Elite CI Har For Eq Corp 75/10010.51Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064K8.TOSunWise Elite CI Signature Sel Cdn Full14.86Mutual FundTOR
    F000003XXA.TOSunWise 2001 CI Signature Cdn Bal 75/7521.67Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PJBK.TOSunWise Essntl 2 CI Sig Div Bdle Invmt12.01Mutual FundTOR
    F000001W33.TOSunWise Elite CI Sig Glbl Inc&Gr 75/10014.17Mutual FundTOR