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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    OVLM16.NYMOVL Future JUN 2016 Trading Ses23.93FutureNYM
    NTPRXNuveen Tradewinds Global All-Cap Plus R319.92Mutual FundNAS
    J4LV16.NYMJ4L Future OCT 2016 Trading Ses35.77FutureNYM
    AREZ15.NYMARE Future DEC 2015 Trading Ses8.38FutureNYM
    XNCJ16.NYMXNC Future APR 2016 Trading Ses3.24FutureNYM
    STTK15.NYMSTT Future MAY 20151.20FutureNYM
    MTFZ14.NYMMTF Future DEC 2014 Trading Ses70.95FutureNYM
    AUIN16.NYMAUI Future JUL 2016 Trading Ses291.21FutureNYM
    MELM17.NYMMEL Future JUN 2017 Trading Ses40.35FutureNYM
    GCUG15.NYMGCU Future FEB 2015 Trading Ses0.79FutureNYM
    OMMN15.NYMOMM Future JUL 2015 Trading Ses38.08FutureNYM
    AL1Z15.NYMAL1 Future DEC 2015 Trading Ses40.05FutureNYM
    VMLJ15.NYMVML Future APR 2015 Trading Ses39.75FutureNYM
    FSSQ17.NYMFSS Future AUG 20179.00FutureNYM
    K3LG17.NYMK3L Future FEB 2017 Trading Ses52.40FutureNYM
    AHLZ16.NYMAHL Future DEC 2016 Trading Ses19.75FutureNYM
    EOBH15.NYMEOB Future MAR 20156.26FutureNYM
    AEJH15.NYMAEJ Future MAR 2015 Trading Ses28.00FutureNYM
    8XNQ17.NYM8XN Future AUG 2017 Trading Ses-0.44FutureNYM