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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    PSEAX1789 Growth and Income A12.27Mutual FundNAS
    PSECX1789 Growth and Income C12.23Mutual FundNAS
    PSEPX1789 Growth and Income P12.30Mutual FundNAS
    IE00B4ZNVT73.IR7IM Discretionary Growth C GBP Acc183.00Mutual FundISE
    IE00B3V2FH77.IR7IM Discretionary Growth C GBP Inc177.00Mutual FundISE
    IE00B4ZPFH91.IR7IM Discretionary Growth D GBP Acc192.00Mutual FundISE
    IE00B3V2FK07.IR7IM Discretionary Growth D GBP Inc178.00Mutual FundISE
    8AGCQ.MI8a+ Gran Paradiso Q97.63Mutual FundMIL
    IT0004485121.MI8a+ Gran Paradiso R5.23Mutual FundMIL
    AFNAXAAM/Bahl & Gaynor Income Growth A14.16Mutual FundNAS
    AFYCXAAM/Bahl & Gaynor Income Growth C14.06Mutual FundNAS
    AFNIXAAM/Bahl & Gaynor Income Growth I14.20Mutual FundNAS
    ADADXAB All Market Growth 18.68Mutual FundNAS
    ADAEXAB All Market Growth 28.71Mutual FundNAS
    ADAAXAB All Market Growth A9.06Mutual FundNAS
    ADAYXAB All Market Growth Advisor9.11Mutual FundNAS
    ADACXAB All Market Growth C8.97Mutual FundNAS
    AMAIXAB All Market Growth I8.71Mutual FundNAS
    ADAKXAB All Market Growth K8.69Mutual FundNAS
    ADARXAB All Market Growth R8.67Mutual FundNAS