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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    VGPMXVanguard Precious Metals and Mining Inv11.60Mutual FundNAS
    MWTRXMetropolitan West Total Return Bond M11.00Mutual FundNAS
    PRMTXT. Rowe Price Media & Telecomms74.72Mutual FundNAS
    MERFXMerger Investor15.51Mutual FundNAS
    FSMEXFidelity Select Medical Equip & Systems41.63Mutual FundNAS
    FGRTXFidelity Mega Cap Stock16.42Mutual FundNAS
    USSPXUSAA S&P 500 Index Member31.04Mutual FundNAS
    RYPMXRydex Precious Metals Inv40.85Mutual FundNAS
    MWTIXMetropolitan West Total Return Bond I11.00Mutual FundNAS
    MEIIXMFS Value I35.92Mutual FundNAS
    FRGOXFranklin Gold and Precious Metals C21.10Mutual FundNAS
    MWTSXMetropolitan West Total Return Bond Plan10.36Mutual FundNAS
    MWIIXMetropolitan West Intermediate Bond I10.67Mutual FundNAS
    MEDAXMFS Emerging Markets Debt A15.00Mutual FundNAS
    TMSFXTurner Medical Sciences Long/Short Inv12.45Mutual FundNAS
    TMGYXTouchstone Merger Arbitrage Y11.05Mutual FundNAS
    SPPSXProFunds Short Precious Metals Svc4.71Mutual FundNAS
    SGDIXDeutsche Gold & Precious Metals Instl8.79Mutual FundNAS
    MSGCXMeridian Small Cap Growth C12.36Mutual FundNAS
    MEICXMFS Value C35.33Mutual FundNAS