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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    10117972.IRIVY HILL A1/123.27Mutual FundISE
    10117997.IRIVY HILL A2/1022.40Mutual FundISE
    1057956.SWCS EF LUX ITALY I859.62Mutual FundEBS
    12053916.IRIVY HILL A/2/1122.40Mutual FundISE
    1880170.SWJB IF BVG/LPP 25 A2111.28Mutual FundEBS
    1880172.SWJB IF BVG/LPP 25 B2112.62Mutual FundEBS
    1880174.SWJB IF BVG/LPP 40 A2116.45Mutual FundEBS
    1880175.SWJB IF BVG/LPP 40 B2116.31Mutual FundEBS
    1880176.SWJB IF SWISS EQ A2156.60Mutual FundEBS
    1880177.SWJB IF SWISS EQ B2157.39Mutual FundEBS
    1880178.SWJB IF WORLD EQ A2110.13Mutual FundEBS
    1880179.SWJB IF WORLD EQ B1110.29Mutual FundEBS
    1880180.SWJB IF WORLD EQ B2109.52Mutual FundEBS
    4432843.SWSISF AS TR AD222.33Mutual FundEBS