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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    IT0001394284.MIAcomeA Paesi Emergenti A16.28Mutual FundMIL
    IT0004718711.MIAcomeA FONDO ETF Attivo A24.90Mutual FundMIL
    IT0001394300.MIAcomeA Asia Pacifico A14.42Mutual FundMIL
    IT0004718836.MIAcomeA America A218.91Mutual FundMIL
    IT0004718737.MIAcomeA Patrimonio Prudente A26.46Mutual FundMIL
    IT0000390044.MIAcomeA Italia A118.03Mutual FundMIL
    IT0004718653.MIAcomeA Eurobbligazionario A217.13Mutual FundMIL
    IT0000390002.MIAcomeA Breve Termine A114.96Mutual FundMIL