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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    VERTEXARTBIT.TOVertex Arbitrage Fund Class B10.40Mutual FundTOR
    F00000GYTV.TOCC&L Balanced Growth Port Arbour Ser10.30Mutual FundTOR
    VERTEXARBITR.TOVertex Arbitrage Fund Class B10.40Mutual FundTOR
    F00000SERG.TOVertex Arbitrage Fund Class B10.40Mutual FundTOR
    FR0011528348.PAVolatility Arbitrage US THEAM Easy ETF $878.99Mutual FundPSX
    FR0011182732.PABati Actions Arbitrage P A/I10.28Mutual FundPSX
    FR0010164897.PARP Sélection Arbitrage France659.40Mutual FundPSX
    FR0011510023.PACandriam Index Arbitrage V1,007.38Mutual FundPSX
    FR0010252171.PAEquilibre Protégé Arbitrage Actifs10.25Mutual FundPSX
    FR0010058164.PAOFI Risk Arb Absolu A127.43Mutual FundPSX
    FR0011182724.PABati Actions Arbitrage I A/I1,040.15Mutual FundPSX
    FR0011269034.PALFPI Equity Arbitrage I9,982.87Mutual FundPSX
    FR0011273366.PALaffitte Index Arbitrage S1,079.49Mutual FundPSX
    FR0011273333.PALaffitte Index Arbitrage I1,049.57Mutual FundPSX
    FR0010525121.PACCR Arbitrage Volatilité 150 I11,450.39Mutual FundPSX
    FR0000438707.PACandriam Risk Arbitrage C2,515.29Mutual FundPSX
    FR0000991747.PACandriam Long Short Risk Arbitrage Class38,377.95Mutual FundPSX
    FR0010016477.PACandriam Index Arbitrage C EUR1,356.04Mutual FundPSX
    FR0010768028.PALaffitte Risk Arbitrage UCITS S13,572.21Mutual FundPSX
    FR0010988030.PACandriam Long Short Risk Arbitrage N863.94Mutual FundPSX