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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    GGIYXGuideStone Funds Balanced Allc I Instl10.95Mutual FundNAS
    13254528.IRGGIF II DIS ENHND B114.99Mutual FundISE
    GGIGXGratry International Growth Instl11.15Mutual FundNAS
    GGISXGoldman Sachs Global Income Svc12.69Mutual FundNAS
    GGIFXVictory Fund for Income R10.23Mutual FundNAS
    2342603.IRGGIF II DIS ENHND A213.20Mutual FundISE
    GGIZXGuideStone Funds Balanced Allocation Inv13.17Mutual FundNAS
    1301872.IRGGIF II DISCRET SP258.79Mutual FundISE
    1195382.IRGGIF II PROP MAT A303.54Mutual FundISE
    1195385.IRGGIF II K4D-10V SP342.99Mutual FundISE
    20446231.IRGGIF II PROP MAT B99.91Mutual FundISE
    1301869.IRGGIF II PROP MAT 262.59Mutual FundISE
    10060526.IRGGIF II K4D-20V SP415.29Mutual FundISE
    GGIRXGoldman Sachs US Mortgages IR10.71Mutual FundNAS