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SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
10102614.IRPOLA HLTH OPP USD-I44.24Mutual FundISE
10102618.IRPOLA HLTH OPP GBP-I28.42Mutual FundISE
10102620.IRPOLA HLTH OPP EUR-I40.22Mutual FundISE
10102639.IRPOLA HLTH OPP USD-R43.09Mutual FundISE
10102640.IRPOLA HLTH OPP GBP-R27.68Mutual FundISE
10102649.IRPOLA HLTH OPP EUR-R39.17Mutual FundISE
2284225.IRSEC HLTHCARE -L-NOK951.01Mutual FundISE
2284236.IRSEC HLTHCA EUR-P-AC80.56Mutual FundISE
2284245.IRSEC HLTHCARE -P-USD100.69Mutual FundISE
3205845.IRATL CHN HLTH USD AC1.74Mutual FundISE
BMOEQWGHTUSH.TOBMO Eq Wght US HlthCare Hdgd to CAD ETF39.41Mutual FundTOR
FINBBMOEQAME.TOBMO Eq Wght US HlthCare Hdgd to CAD ETF39.41Mutual FundTOR
IE00B39YK708.IRWellington Global HlthC Eq GBP T Acc3,967.00Mutual FundISE
IE00B5MJYY16.IRSource STOXX Europe 600 Opt HlthCare ETF231.37Mutual FundISE
IE00B84TGD38.IRWellington Global HlthC Eq USD N Acc18.00Mutual FundISE
IE00BF2ZVB54.IRWellington Global HlthC Eq EUR D Acc Unh10.02Mutual FundISE
IE00BF2ZVD78.IRWellington Global HlthC Eq GBP N Acc Unh922.00Mutual FundISE
K55301B08234.KSMiraeAsset RP Glb Hlthcr 40Fdr Bd Bal 1C940.13Mutual FundKSC
K55301B38538.KSMiraeAsset Pens Glb Hlthcr Fdr Eq 1 CP2889.76Mutual FundKSC
K55301B47281.KSMiraeAsset Pens Kor HlthCare Fdr Eq 1 CP920.88Mutual FundKSC