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SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
VGPMXVanguard Precious Metals and Mining Inv9.12Mutual FundNAS
USAGXUSAA Precious Metals and Minerals11.91Mutual FundNAS
MWTIXMetropolitan West Total Return Bond I10.93Mutual FundNAS
MWCIXMetropolitan West Unconstrained Bd I11.95Mutual FundNAS
MERKXMerk Hard Currency Inv10.58Mutual FundNAS
MEMTXBlackRock Strategic Muni Opps Inv A11.38Mutual FundNAS
FSMEXFidelity Select Medical Equip & Systems42.17Mutual FundNAS
FKRCXFranklin Gold and Precious Metals A14.48Mutual FundNAS
FGRTXFidelity Mega Cap Stock16.86Mutual FundNAS
EKWCXWells Fargo Advantage Precious Metals C27.43Mutual FundNAS
EKWAXWells Fargo Advantage Precious Metals A30.54Mutual FundNAS
TMSFXTurner Medical Sciences Long/Short Inv12.27Mutual FundNAS
TMGAXTouchstone Merger Arbitrage A10.45Mutual FundNAS
SPPSXProFunds Short Precious Metals Svc10.20Mutual FundNAS
SPPIXProFunds Short Precious Metals Inv9.87Mutual FundNAS
MWTRXMetropolitan West Total Return Bond M10.93Mutual FundNAS
MWIIXMetropolitan West Intermediate Bond I10.63Mutual FundNAS
MWHYXMetropolitan West High Yield Bond M10.03Mutual FundNAS
MILCXBNY Mellon Large Cap Stock Inv7.41Mutual FundNAS
MERDXMeridian Growth Legacy40.03Mutual FundNAS