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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    PRMYXPutnam Retirement Income Lifestyle 1 Y17.75Mutual FundNAS
    PRMTXT. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications63.17Mutual FundNAS
    PRMSXT. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Stock31.34Mutual FundNAS
    PRMRXAllianzGI Mid-Cap R3.38Mutual FundNAS
    PRMMXPutnam Retirement Income Lifestyle 1 M17.73Mutual FundNAS
    PRMLXPutnam Retirement Income Lifestyle 1 B17.48Mutual FundNAS
    PRMKXPutnam Retirement Income Lifestyle 1 R17.68Mutual FundNAS
    PRMIXPIMCO RealRetirement 2050 Instl8.27Mutual FundNAS
    PRMDXT. Rowe Price MD Short-Term Tax-Free5.23Mutual FundNAS
    PRMCXPutnam Retirement Income Lifestyle 1 C17.53Mutual FundNAS
    PRMBXPrincipal MidCap B19.96Mutual FundNAS
    PRMAXPutnam Retirement Income Lifestyle 1 A17.69Mutual FundNAS
    KR5301AY2871.KSMiraeAsset Div Prm PF Bd Bal-Deriv 8992.22Mutual FundKSC
    KR5301AW7856.KSMiraeAsset RP Div Prm Fdr Eq Bal 1 C975.23Mutual FundKSC
    KR5301AW3962.KSMiraeAsset China Div Prm Fdr Eq Bal 1 S1,056.20Mutual FundKSC
    KR5301AW3939.KSMiraeAsset China Div Prm Fdr Eq Bal 1 Ce1,052.99Mutual FundKSC
    KR5301AW3897.KSMiraeAsset China Div Prm Fdr Eq Bal 1 C11,052.65Mutual FundKSC
    KR5301AW3889.KSMiraeAsset China Div Prm Fdr Eq Bal 1 Ae1,054.02Mutual FundKSC
    KR5301AW3871.KSMiraeAsset China Div Prm Fdr Eq Bal 1 A1,053.46Mutual FundKSC
    KR5301AW3848.KSMiraeAsset China Div Prm Mstr Eq Bal1,055.65Mutual FundKSC