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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    F00000NAJV.TOSunWise Elite Harbour Core Bndl 100/10012.15Mutual FundTOR
    SWESS2SRPRTP.TOSunWise Essntl 2 Port Cnsrv PIM Invmt12.89Mutual FundTOR
    SWESS2JUMPLA.TOSunWise Essntl 2 CI Cdn Inv Bdle PIM Inv13.63Mutual FundTOR
    SWELITECAMBR.TOSunWise Elite CI Camb Core Bundle 75/7517.08Mutual FundTOR
    SUNWISECIDIV.TOSunWise CI Dividend 100%22.51Mutual FundTOR
    SUNWISECICAM.TOSunWise CI Cambridge Cor Gl Eq Corp 7516.62Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064LI.TOSunWise Eli CI Camb Cor Gl Eq Corp Bas11.73Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064LF.TOSunWise Elite CI Sig Sel Cdn Bal Bas13.25Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064LB.TOSunWise Eli CI Sig SG Inc & Gr Corp Comb13.39Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064KV.TOSunWise Elite Fidelity US Foc Stk100/10010.81Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064K8.TOSunWise Elite CI Signature Sel Cdn Full15.25Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064K0.TOSunWise Elite CI Signature Dividend Full15.59Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064IU.TOSunWise Elite Port Ser Income 100/10015.17Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064IF.TOSunWise Elite CI American Value Basic16.84Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN064ID.TOSunWise Elite CI American Value Comb15.89Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05OD7.TOSunWise CI SS Gl Inc&Gr Cop Full16.92Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05O2T.TOSunWise CI Harbour Growth & Income Full18.32Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05O2N.TOSunWise Mac Cundill Canadian Sec Basic20.17Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05O2K.TOSunWise CI Cdn Asset Allocation Combined21.05Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05NPX.TOSunWise CI Harbour Growth & Income Comb19.09Mutual FundTOR