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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    VYSVXVericimetry U.S. Small Cap Value16.37Mutual FundNAS
    VMLPXVertical Capital MLP&Energy Infras Adv10.06Mutual FundNAS
    VMLIXVertical Capital MLP&Energy Infras Instl10.06Mutual FundNAS
    VERX.PAVanguard FTSE Developed Europe ex UK ETF25.19Mutual FundISE
    VERX.IRVanguard FTSE Developed Europe ex UK ETF25.19Mutual FundISE
    VERTRAINVERS.BCVertra Inversiones SICAV6.61Mutual FundBAR
    VERTISOLCART.BCVertisol Cartera SICAV1.27Mutual FundBAR
    VERTIENTEINV.BCVertiente Inversiones SICAV27.91Mutual FundBAR
    VERTICALINVE.BCVertical Inversiones SICAV10.28Mutual FundBAR
    VERTEXVALUEB.TOVertex Value Class B21.99Mutual FundTOR
    VERTEXMANAGE.TOVertex Managed Value Portfolio A24.50Mutual FundTOR
    VERTEXGROWTH.TOVertex Growth Class B15.38Mutual FundTOR
    VERTEXFUNDFC.TOVertex Fund F Class66.91Mutual FundTOR
    VERTEXENHANC.TOVertex Enhanced Income Class B11.07Mutual FundTOR
    VERTEXBCLASS.TOVertex B Class10.00Mutual FundTOR
    VERTEXARTBIT.TOVertex Arbitrage Fund Class B10.40Mutual FundTOR
    VERTEXARBITR.TOVertex Arbitrage Fund Class B10.40Mutual FundTOR
    VERTEXACLASS.TOVertex A Class68.57Mutual FundTOR
    VERSXVanguard Emerging Mkts Stock Idx Signal33.02Mutual FundNAS
    VERONACAPITA.BCVerona Capital SICAV12.87Mutual FundBAR