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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    FUENTEDELFRE.BCFuente del Fresno Inversiones SICAV5.42Mutual FundBAR
    FRESNOCARTER.BCFresno Cartera SICAV10.14Mutual FundBAR
    FREEHOLDINVE.BCFreehold Inversiones SICAV13.33Mutual FundBAR
    FRESTONSWANS.BCFreston Swan SICAV12.11Mutual FundBAR
    25703010.SWZKB FD FREMDWAE G100.21Mutual FundEBS
    277950.SWZKB FD FREMDWHOBLAA953.63Mutual FundEBS
    2255988.IRFREESPIRTIS JAPAN12,058.00Mutual FundISE
    KR5104AX9850.KSHi Free Village Sep Tax Hi Yld PF Bd Bal1,057.28Mutual FundKSC
    KR5101A70681.KSKIM Freestyle Equity 1 C41,018.48Mutual FundKSC
    GB00BH6XLG48.LOrbis OEIC UK Equity Mgt Fee Free934.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00B7TKJM41.LFidelity PathFinder Freedom 5120.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00B8SCKT25.LFidelity PathFinder Freedom 2109.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00B98YDP21.LFidelity PathFinder Freedom 4112.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00BH7HQ159.LFidelity PathFinder Freedom 5 (clean)112.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00B065W804.LHSBC UK Freestyle Retail Inc130.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00B4XB0R47.LWAY Freestyle Growth Port A Inc121.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00BH7HPY17.LFidelity PathFinder Freedom 2 (Clean)107.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00B4T2TC99.LWAY Freestyle Growth Port Instl Acc125.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00B884RZ33.LFidelity PathFinder Freedom 3109.00Mutual FundLSE