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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    BNP4.AXBase Load Electricity Futures N39.10FutureASX
    BNPHJ4.EXBNPH APR 14 57.96FutureEUX
    BNPHN4.EXBNPH JUL 14 49.27FutureEUX
    BNPHF5.EXBNPH JAN 15 49.19FutureEUX
    BNP4L.MDDBNP DEC 14 47.39FutureMDD
    BNP7.AXBase Load Electricity Futures N40.23FutureASX
    BNPHG5.EXBNPH FEB 15 51.09FutureEUX
    BNPHJ5.EXBNPH APR 15 52.14FutureEUX
    BNPHV4.EXBNPH OCT 14 44.28FutureEUX
    BNP8.AXBase Load Electricity Futures N42.48FutureASX
    BNPHK4.EXBNPH MAY 14 52.23FutureEUX
    BNPHM4.EXBNPH JUN 14 51.83FutureEUX
    BNPHX4.EXBNPH NOV 14 48.63FutureEUX
    BNPHQ4.EXBNPH AUG 14 48.31FutureEUX
    BNP6.AXBase Load Electricity Futures N38.50FutureASX
    BNP5.AXBase Load Electricity Futures N36.87FutureASX
    BNPHZ4.EXBNPH DEC 14 49.25FutureEUX
    BNPHU4.EXBNPH SEP 14 53.63FutureEUX
    BNPHH4.EXBNPH MAR 14 56.70FutureEUX
    BNPHH5.EXBNPH MAR 15 48.56FutureEUX