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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    LHM15.CMELean Hogs Jun 1584.53FutureCME
    LHJ14.CMELean Hogs Apr 14124.78FutureCME
    HEG15.CMELean Hogs Futures Settlement On70.70FutureCME
    HEJ16.CMELean Hogs Futures,Apr-201673.65FutureCME
    LHG16.CMELean Hogs Feb 1671.80FutureCME
    LHN14.CMELean Hogs Jul 14133.90FutureCME
    HEZ14.CMELean Hogs Futures Settlement On86.60FutureCME
    HEM14.CMELean Hogs Futures Settlement On114.57FutureCME
    LHK16.CMELean Hogs May 1674.20FutureCME
    LHV15.CMELean Hogs Oct 1574.80FutureCME
    HEQ14.CMELean Hogs Futures,Aug-2014114.78FutureCME
    HEZ15.CMELean Hogs Futures Settlement On70.18FutureCME
    LHZ14.CMELean Hogs Dec 1487.50FutureCME
    HEK15.CMELean Hogs Futures Settlement On80.93FutureCME
    HEQ15.CMELean Hogs Futures,Aug-201584.57FutureCME
    HEK16.CMELean Hogs Futures Settlement On74.20FutureCME
    LHN15.CMELean Hogs Jul 1584.90FutureCME
    HEJ15.CMELean Hogs Futures,Apr-201574.60FutureCME
    HEV14.CMELean Hogs Futures Settlement On109.45FutureCME
    LHZ15.CMELean Hogs Dec 1570.18FutureCME