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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    MFEG14.NYMMFE Future FEB 2014454.07FutureNYM
    MFEH14.NYMMFE Future MAR 2014 Trading Ses455.96FutureNYM
    MFEJ14.NYMMFE Future APR 2014 Trading Ses449.51FutureNYM
    MFEK14.NYMMFE Future MAY 2014 Trading Ses442.63FutureNYM
    MFEM14.NYMMFE Future JUN 2014466.52FutureNYM
    MFEN14.NYMMFE Future JUL 2014441.63FutureNYM
    MFEQ14.NYMMFE Future AUG 2014 Trading Ses437.48FutureNYM
    MFEU14.NYMMFE Future SEP 2014436.68FutureNYM
    MFEV14.NYMMFE Future OCT 2014421.98FutureNYM
    MFEX14.NYMMFE Future NOV 2014 Trading Ses351.53FutureNYM
    MFEZ14.NYMMFE Future DEC 2014 Trading Ses333.65FutureNYM