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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    MGV15.NYMGulf Coast No. 6 Fuel Oil Crack-10.67FutureNYM
    MGK15.NYMGulf Coast No. 6 Fuel Oil Crack-10.62FutureNYM
    FOM14.NYMNWE 3.5% Fuel Oil Crack Spread -19.39FutureNYM
    RMH14.NYMRBOB Crack Spread Swap Futures,22.66FutureNYM
    RMQ15.NYMRBOB Crack Spread Swap Futures,14.86FutureNYM
    FIJ14.NYM1% Fuel Oil NWE Crack Spread Sw-10.52FutureNYM
    ZXYQ14.NYMNYMEX RBOB Crack Spread (Synthe17.00FutureNYM
    HCYH17.NYMNYMEX Heating Oil Crack Spread 26.21FutureNYM
    ENZ14.NYMEuropean Naphtha Crack Spread S-8.08FutureNYM
    ENQ14.NYMEuropean Naphtha Crack Spread S-6.26FutureNYM
    ENV17.NYMEuropean Naphtha Crack Spread S-12.16FutureNYM
    JBN14.NYMJapan C&F Naphtha Crack Spread -0.15FutureNYM
    FOM15.NYMNWE 3.5% Fuel Oil Crack Spread -15.72FutureNYM
    GZU14.NYMGasoil Crack Spread Calendar Sw13.05FutureNYM
    FON15.NYMNWE 3.5% Fuel Oil Crack Spread -15.78FutureNYM
    ZXYF16.NYMNYMEX RBOB Crack Spread (Synthe0.00FutureNYM
    HCYV14.NYMNYMEX Heating Oil Crack Spread 25.12FutureNYM
    FOQ15.NYMNWE 3.5% Fuel Oil Crack Spread -15.87FutureNYM
    MGX16.NYMGulf Coast No. 6 Fuel Oil Crack-9.17FutureNYM
    ENV16.NYMEuropean Naphtha Crack Spread S-11.64FutureNYM