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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    ^NQZANNASDAQ South Africa NTR Index1,130.13IndexNIM
    ^NQUSS9537AUDNNQ US Sm Cap Software AUD NTR I1,242.98IndexNIM
    ^NQUSS7577NNQ US Sm Cap Water NTR Index1,561.57IndexNIM
    ^NQUSM8600GBPNNQ US Md Cap Real Estate GBP NT1,090.57IndexNIM
    ^NQUSM2750NNQ US Md Cap Ind Engineering NT1,249.39IndexNIM
    ^NQUSM2737CADNNQ US Md Cap Elec Eqpt CAD NTR 1,369.48IndexNIM
    ^NQUSM1300NNQ US Md Cap Chemicals NTR Inde1,550.62IndexNIM
    ^NQUSL8530GBPNNQ US Lg Cap Nonlife Ins GBP NT1,197.46IndexNIM
    ^NQUSL3760CADNNQ US Lg Cap Psnl Goods CAD NTR1,340.23IndexNIM
    ^NQUSL3000JPYNNQ US Lg Cap Cnsmr Goods JPY NT1,340.49IndexNIM
    ^NQUSL2713GBPNNQ US Lg Cap Aerospace GBP NTR 1,135.54IndexNIM
    ^NQUSB8538NNQ US Bnchmk ReIns NTR Index1,918.60IndexNIM
    ^NQUSB8000NNASDAQ US Bnchmk Financials NTR1,638.52IndexNIM
    ^NQUSB3355NNQ US Bnchmk Auto Parts NTR Ind1,571.92IndexNIM
    ^NQUSB1300NNASDAQ US Bnchmk Chemicals NTR 1,524.61IndexNIM
    ^NQTW9000TWDNNASDAQ Taiwan Tech TWD NTR Inde1,199.69IndexNIM
    ^NQPTGBPNNASDAQ Portugal GBP NTR Index854.40IndexNIM
    ^NQPENNASDAQ Peru NTR Index743.98IndexNIM
    ^NQNL9000NNASDAQ Netherlands Tech NTR Ind1,596.39IndexNIM
    ^NQJP0001JPYNNASDAQ Japan Oil & Gas JPY NTR 980.94IndexNIM