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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    ACORAcorda Therapeutics, Inc.40.05StockBiotechnologyNMS
    ACFNAcorn Energy, Inc.0.90StockAerospace/Defense Products & ServicesNGM
    ACRNXColumbia Acorn Z31.97Mutual FundNAS
    LACAXColumbia Acorn A30.32Mutual FundNAS
    ATVAcorn International, Inc.1.66StockCatalog & Mail Order HousesNYQ
    ACOLAcology Inc.0.05StockPNK
    ACMUYAcom Co., Ltd.7.12StockPNK
    ACINXColumbia Acorn International Z41.64Mutual FundNAS
    LTFBXColumbia Acorn Select B18.13Mutual FundNAS
    LFFCXColumbia Acorn International Select C20.59Mutual FundNAS
    LFFBXColumbia Acorn International Select B20.74Mutual FundNAS
    LAUCXColumbia Acorn USA C24.89Mutual FundNAS
    LAUBXColumbia Acorn USA B25.18Mutual FundNAS
    LAIAXColumbia Acorn International A41.60Mutual FundNAS
    LAFAXColumbia Acorn International Select A22.08Mutual FundNAS
    LACBXColumbia Acorn B26.56Mutual FundNAS
    IT0000390044.MIAcomeA Italia A118.08Mutual FundMIL
    IT0000384583.MIAcomeA Performance A121.42Mutual FundMIL
    CYSRXColumbia Acorn USA R531.60Mutual FundNAS