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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    ALYIAlternet Systems Inc.0.03StockInternet Software & ServicesPNK
    ALY.VAnalytixInsight Inc.0.19StockVAN
    ALYU16.NYMfuture for ALY, September, 20162.00FutureNYM
    ALYK16.NYMfuture for ALY, May, 2016, trad1.94FutureNYM
    ALYK14.NYMALY Future MAY 2014 Trading Ses2.91FutureNYM
    ALYX15.NYMfuture for ALY, November, 2015,1.88FutureNYM
    ALYU17.NYMfuture for ALY, September, 20172.07FutureNYM
    ALYZ17.NYMfuture for ALY, December, 2017,2.05FutureNYM
    ALYZ14.NYMfuture for ALY, December, 2014,1.79FutureNYM
    ALYQ17.NYMfuture for ALY, August, 2017, t2.06FutureNYM
    ALYX14.NYMALY Future NOV 2014 Trading Ses2.33FutureNYM
    ALYQ16.NYMfuture for ALY, August, 2016, t1.98FutureNYM
    ALYFAlly Financial Inc.8,650.00StockPNK
    ALYH14.NYMALY Future MAR 2014 Trading Ses2.92FutureNYM
    ALYN15.NYMfuture for ALY, July, 2015, tra1.85FutureNYM
    ALYM16.NYMfuture for ALY, June, 2016, tra1.95FutureNYM
    ALYF17.NYMfuture for ALY, January, 2017, 2.02FutureNYM
    ALYF16.NYMfuture for ALY, January, 2016, 1.92FutureNYM
    ALYZ16.NYMfuture for ALY, December, 2016,2.01FutureNYM