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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    ADATAuthentidate Holding Corp.0.74StockHealthcare Information ServicesNCM
    TVCTennessee Valley Authority25.45StockNYQ
    TVETennessee Valley Authority25.03StockNYQ
    SAIL.NSSteel Authority of India Limited43.95StockSteel & IronNSI
    SAIL.BOSteel Authority of India Limited43.90StockSteel & IronBSE
    PAUIXPIMCO All Asset All Authority Inst8.11Mutual FundNAS
    SCALStem Cell Authority, Ltd.0.00StockPNK
    AIY.AXAuthorised Investment Fund Ltd.0.01StockAsset ManagementASX
    PAUDXPIMCO All Asset All Authority D8.08Mutual FundNAS
    PAUAXPIMCO All Asset All Authority A8.11Mutual FundNAS
    03P.SGThessaloniki Port Authority Societe Anonyme24.00StockSTU
    GB00B94RFB51.LTIME Freehold Inc Authorised Feeder INet515.00Mutual FundLSE
    AUTH17.NYMAUT Future MAR 20170.00FutureNYM
    GB00B94RFF99.LTIME Freehold Inc Authorised Feeder JNet190.00Mutual FundLSE
    GB00B94RFN73.LTIME Freehold Inc Authorised Feeder LInc189.00Mutual FundLSE
    SAUD.LSteel Authority of India Limited6.00StockSteel & IronIOB
    AUTH16.NYMAUT Future MAR 2016 Trading Ses-0.22FutureNYM
    GB00B94RFG07.LTIME Freehold Inc Authorised Feeder KAcc512.00Mutual FundLSE