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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    F00000J3HH.TONexGen Turtle Cdn Eq Tax Managed CGR12.35Mutual FundTOR
    F00000GY2U.TONexGen Intrinsic Balncd Tax Mgd CGR HNW14.15Mutual FundTOR
    F00000TV60.TONexGen US Growth Tax Mgd CGR HNW12.32Mutual FundTOR
    F000003ZLK.TONexGen NA Growth Tax Managed CGR HNW10.33Mutual FundTOR
    F00000TV61.TONexGen US Growth Tax Mgd CGR Instl12.49Mutual FundTOR
    F00000TV57.TONexGen Intrinsic Gr Tax Mgd CGR9.97Mutual FundTOR
    F00000GY1A.TONexGen Cdn Dividend Tax Mgd CGR HNW13.89Mutual FundTOR
    F00000QH7H.TONexGen Global Equity TM CGR UHNW13.22Mutual FundTOR
    F00000TV58.TONexGen Intrinsic Gr Tax Mgd CGR HNW10.10Mutual FundTOR
    F00000GY31.TONexGen Canadian Bond Tax Managed CGR HNW14.88Mutual FundTOR
    F000003ZJ6.TONexGen NA Growth Tax Managed CGR UHNW10.66Mutual FundTOR
    F000003ZMH.TONexGen Cdn Dividend Tax Md CGR UHNW14.57Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN06YTQ.TONexGen Intrinsic Balanced Tax CGR13.75Mutual FundTOR
    F000003ZL9.TONexGen Intrinsic Balncd Tax Mgd CGR UHNW14.41Mutual FundTOR
    F000003ZK0.TONexGen Canadian Bond Tax Mgd CGR UHNW15.13Mutual FundTOR
    F000003ZM0.TONexGen Cdn Diversified Inc TM CGR UHNW10.79Mutual FundTOR
    F00000TV4X.TONexGen Intrinsic Gr Tax Mgd CGR Instl10.26Mutual FundTOR
    F00000QH6X.TONexGen Cdn Preferred Share TM CGR11.08Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN06YTZ.TONexGen Canadian Dividend Tax Mgd CGR13.79Mutual FundTOR
    F00000TV62.TONexGen US Growth Tax Mgd CGR UHNW12.12Mutual FundTOR