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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    ICSHiShares Liquidity Income49.92ETFBTS
    ICSCXICM Small Company28.85Mutual FundNAS
    IE00B9346255.IRBlackRock ICS Euro Assets Liq Agency Inc1.00Mutual FundISE
    IE00B3R0VL14.IRBlackRock ICS Canadian $ Liq Core Inc1.00Mutual FundISE
    IE00B2B3JM61.IRBlackRock ICS USD Liquidity G USD Inc1.00Mutual FundISE
    ICSRXMainStay ICAP Select Equity A46.42Mutual FundNAS
    ICSNXInnealta Capital Sector Rotation N10.08Mutual FundNAS
    ICSA.NSICSA (India) Limited4.30StockTechnical & System SoftwareNSI
    IE00B404XK09.IRBlackRock ICS Sterling Liq Select Inc100.00Mutual FundISE
    IE00B3KDB623.IRBlackRock ICS Sterling Liq G IV Inc100.00Mutual FundISE
    IE00B455LS29.IRBlackRock ICS Euro Gov Liq Premier Acc100.03Mutual FundISE
    IE00B2B3JH19.IRBlackRock ICS Sterling Liq G GBP Inc100.00Mutual FundISE
    ICS.TOIntrinsyc Technologies Corporation0.12StockTechnical & System SoftwareTOR
    IE00B971B497.IRBlackRock ICS Euro Assets Liq Core Inc1.00Mutual FundISE
    IE00B2B3JC63.IRBlackRock ICS Euro Liq G EUR Inc1.00Mutual FundISE
    IE00B3X84Y31.IRBlackRock ICS £ Gov Liq Core Acc10,098.00Mutual FundISE
    ICSBXVoya Short Term Bond C9.94Mutual FundNAS
    ICSA.FEMPRESAS ICA1.12StockGeneral ContractorsFRA
    IE00B29LM785.IRBlackRock ICS USD Liquidity Admin II Acc101.47Mutual FundISE