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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    KWKAQuicksilver Resources Inc.0.07StockPNK
    KWK3.BEENERGIEDIENST HLD N27.46StockDiversified UtilitiesBER
    KWK17.CBTfuture for KW, May, 2017, trade626.25FutureCBT
    KWK15.CMEWeather Monthly Cooling Degree 33.00FutureCME
    KWKU14.CMEWeather Monthly Cooling Degree 740.00FutureCME
    KWK3.SGENERGIEDIENST HLD N27.05StockDiversified UtilitiesSTU
    KWKU15.CMEWeather Monthly Cooling Degree 825.00FutureCME
    KWK3.FENERGIEDIENST HLD N26.66StockDiversified UtilitiesFRA
    KWK15.CBTfuture for KW, May, 2015, trade559.00FutureCBT
    KWK14.CBTfuture for KW, May, 2014, trade839.00FutureCBT
    KWK16.CBTfuture for KW, May, 2016, trade611.00FutureCBT