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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    LCCAXColumbia Contrarian Core A21.81Mutual FundNAS
    LCCTYL'Occitane International S.A.12.75StockPNK
    LCCTFL'Occitane International S.A.2.41StockPNK
    LCCMXLeader Short Term Bond Inv9.71Mutual FundNAS
    HVJ6.HMD INV I EU SC LCC127.05Mutual FundHAM
    FP7Z.HMD INV I EM TD LCC103.81Mutual FundHAM
    FKN7.MUD INV I GL AGR LCC133.28Mutual FundMUN
    FGM9.BED INV I EU BDP LCC145.15Mutual FundBER
    DWWA.DUD INV I INC SS LCC97.06Mutual FundDUS
    DWST.DUD INV I EC BD LCC150.04Mutual FundDUS
    DWSM.MUD INV I G EM EQ LCC178.56Mutual FundMUN
    DWS9.SGD INV I T EULD LCC163.07Mutual FundSTU
    HVJQ.MUD INV I SH DC LCC128.93Mutual FundMUN
    HVJZ.SGD INV I NEW RES LCC114.78Mutual FundSTU
    DWSS.HMD INV I CONV LCC161.90Mutual FundHAM
    FP7X.DUD INV I BR EQ LCC71.85Mutual FundDUS
    FGMJ.BED INV I EUR SH LCC144.10Mutual FundBER
    DWSM.HMD INV I G EM EQ LCC179.59Mutual FundHAM
    DI4P.HMD INV I ITAL EQ LCC77.00Mutual FundHAM