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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    MEETMeetMe, Inc.1.94StockInternet Information ProvidersNCM
    FLMFXMeeder Muirfield7.21Mutual FundNAS
    MTGBMeetinghouse Bancorp, Inc.13.00StockMoney Center BanksOBB
    MEMEMeeMee Media Inc.0.07StockPNK
    MEFOXMeehan Focus22.33Mutual FundNAS
    MEECMidwest Energy Emissions Corporation0.45StockPollution & Treatment ControlsPNK
    MEET.PAMeetic S.A.0.00StockPAR
    FLRUXMeeder Utilities and Infrastructure30.69Mutual FundNAS
    FLDGXMeeder Dynamic Growth10.30Mutual FundNAS
    MEEK1413.NYMMEE Future MAY 13 2014 Trading 944.52FutureNYM
    MEEG1504.NYMMEE Future FEB 04 2015 Trading 500.24FutureNYM
    MEEG1513.NYMMEE Future FEB 13 2015509.08FutureNYM
    MEEX1406.NYMMEE Future NOV 06 2014 Trading 622.72FutureNYM
    MEEN1408.NYMMEE Future JUL 08 2014 Trading 935.32FutureNYM
    MEEH1404.NYMMEE Future MAR 04 2014 Trading 909.60FutureNYM
    MEEM1417.NYMMEE Future JUN 17 2014 Trading 966.16FutureNYM
    MEEM1405.NYMMEE Future JUN 05 2014 Trading 955.62FutureNYM
    MEEK1401.NYMMEE Future MAY 01 2014 Trading 938.28FutureNYM
    MEEZ1419.NYMMEE Future DEC 19 2014 Trading 462.68FutureNYM
    MEEH1421.NYMMEE Future MAR 21 2014 Trading 912.01FutureNYM