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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    NCPBXColumbia Small Cap Growth II B11.77Mutual FundNAS
    46457.L6.3673 LLOYDS NCP98.50StockLSE
    NCPG1503.NYMNCP Future FEB 03 2015 Trading 393.75FutureNYM
    NCPX1410.NYMDaily or weekly future for NCP,644.50FutureNYM
    NCPX1413.NYMNCP Future NOV 13 2014644.50FutureNYM
    NCPX1424.NYMNCP Future NOV 24 2014 Trading 641.88FutureNYM
    NCPZ1430.NYMNCP Future DEC 30 2014 Trading 438.28FutureNYM
    NCPV1407.NYMNCP Future OCT 07 2014783.42FutureNYM
    NCPV1422.NYMNCP Future OCT 22 2014696.46FutureNYM
    NCPX1425.NYMNCP Future NOV 25 2014 Trading 633.03FutureNYM
    NCPF1506.NYMNCP Future JAN 06 2015 Trading 395.95FutureNYM
    NCPF1529.NYMNCP Future JAN 29 2015 Trading 395.15FutureNYM
    NCPG1525.NYMNCP Future FEB 25 2015 Trading 393.75FutureNYM
    NCPV1408.NYMNCP Future OCT 08 2014772.97FutureNYM
    NCPV1429.NYMNCP Future OCT 29 2014688.07FutureNYM
    NCPX1405.NYMDaily or weekly future for NCP,664.11FutureNYM
    NCPZ1405.NYMNCP Future DEC 05 2014554.81FutureNYM
    B3SB.SG5.58 BES FIN NCP A34.85StockSTU