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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    NYBG1407.NYMNYB Future FEB 07 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1410.NYMNYB Future FEB 10 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1403.NYMNYB Future FEB 03 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1418.NYMNYB Future FEB 18 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1406.NYMNYB Future FEB 06 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1405.NYMNYB Future FEB 05 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1426.NYMNYB Future FEB 26 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1411.NYMNYB Future FEB 11 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1413.NYMNYB Future FEB 13 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1419.NYMNYB Future FEB 19 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1420.NYMNYB Future FEB 20 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1404.NYMNYB Future FEB 04 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1414.NYMNYB Future FEB 14 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1412.NYMNYB Future FEB 12 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1425.NYMNYB Future FEB 25 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1428.NYMNYB Future FEB 28 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1421.NYMNYB Future FEB 21 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1427.NYMNYB Future FEB 27 20140.00FutureNYM
    NYBG1424.NYMNYB Future FEB 24 20140.00FutureNYM