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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    SEH.AXSino Gas & Energy Holdings Ltd.0.14StockIndependent Oil & GasASX
    SEH.MUSHIN-ETSU CHEMICAL55.39StockChemicals - Major DiversifiedMUN
    SEH.BESHIN-ETSU CHEMICAL55.13StockChemicals - Major DiversifiedBER
    KR5365AO2629.KSMeritz 2Star PF ELS-Derivatives SEHV7508.49Mutual FundKSC
    KR5365A44000.KSMeritz 2Star PF ELS-Derivatives SEHH1609.41Mutual FundKSC
    KR5365AO1753.KSMeritz 2Star PF ELS-Derivatives SEHV6497.90Mutual FundKSC
    SEH.SGSHIN-ETSU CHEMICAL53.68StockChemicals - Major DiversifiedSTU
    SEH19.NYMSingapore 380cst Fuel Oil Swap 575.23FutureNYM
    SEH.FSHIN-ETSU CHEMICAL57.76StockChemicals - Major DiversifiedFRA
    KR5365AO7495.KSMeritz 2Star PF ELS-Derivatives SEHF31,047.54Mutual FundKSC
    SEH18.NYMSingapore 380cst Fuel Oil Swap 368.56FutureNYM
    SEH.DUSHIN-ETSU CHEMICAL48.49StockChemicals - Major DiversifiedDUS
    SEH15.NYMSingapore 380cst Fuel Oil Swap 272.53FutureNYM
    KR5365AN3024.KSMeritz 2Star PF ELS-Derivatives SEHV5418.96Mutual FundKSC
    SEH16.NYMSingapore 380cst Fuel Oil Swap 307.49FutureNYM
    SEH17.NYMSingapore 380cst Fuel Oil Swap 339.83FutureNYM
    SEH20.NYMSingapore 380cst Fuel Oil Swap 340.21FutureNYM
    KR5365AO6521.KSMeritz 2Star PF ELS-Derivatives SEHF21,047.07Mutual FundKSC
    KR5365AN3032.KSMeritz 2Star PF ELS-Derivatives SEHC41,056.57Mutual FundKSC