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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    TYPEMonotype Imaging Holdings Inc.29.54StockApplication SoftwareNMS
    DWW9.MUDWS EMMAR TYP O88.74Mutual FundMUN
    847428.DEDWS German Equities Typ O326.09Mutual FundBER
    847414.DEDWS Technology Typ O109.11Mutual FundBER
    DZ7A.MUDWS FINAN TYP O54.35Mutual FundMUN
    DWWE.DUDWS GER EQ TYPO T355.07Mutual FundDUS
    DWWC.SGDWS US EQ TYP O T336.09Mutual FundSTU
    847412.DEDWS Global Natural Resources Eq. Typ O56.02Mutual FundBER
    DWW9.HADWS EMMAR TYP O85.73Mutual FundHAN
    HJUP.HADWS TECH TYP O92.46Mutual FundHAN
    DWW9.HMDWS EMMAR TYP O95.18Mutual FundHAM
    HJUP.BEDWS TECH TYP O114.12Mutual FundBER
    HJUP.SGDWS TECH TYP O111.42Mutual FundSTU
    DWWC.HMDWS US EQ TYP O T322.00Mutual FundHAM
    HJUP.DUDWS TECH TYP O111.55Mutual FundDUS
    DWWC.BEDWS US EQ TYP O T262.70Mutual FundBER
    DZ7A.HADWS FINAN TYP O33.34Mutual FundHAN
    DWWC.DUDWS US EQ TYP O T343.00Mutual FundDUS
    DZ7A.HMDWS FINAN TYP O54.63Mutual FundHAM